Read Some Winter Preparation Tips For Your Home

Winter in Florida isn’t as harsh as it is in the north, but it’s still important to be ready for the changing weather and rain. A few winter preparation tips for your home include storing all of the summer furniture, camping equipment, grills, tents and many other items that are only used during the warmer months. The lack of basements in houses in Florida can lead to a dilemma of where to put these things for proper safekeeping. Storing excess items in a storage facility can keep a home and garage free of clutter. In addition, the boat, camper, or RV that’s filling the driveway or yard can be locked in a secure facility.

How Big Of A Space Will Be Needed For Camping Equipment?

The number of items that need to be stored will determine how much space will be needed. If there’s only some camping equipment, it might be able to fit into a 5×5 unit. This size is similar to a small walk-in closet and can provide ample space for a few items.

Patio Furniture And Pool Equipment

If an entire patio set, grill, extra chairs and pool equipment need to be stored safely for the winter, a 10×10 or 10×15 will probably work great. During the winter the grass rarely needs to be mowed and it’s also possible to fit a riding mower or push mower into a unit.

Car Storage

Automobiles that are classic or historical usually aren’t driven during the winter months. A 10×20 unit will comfortably fit most automobiles and smaller trucks. Even if an owner wants to keep their vehicle someplace safe during the year, self-storage is a great option.

RV’s Or Campers

Many housing plans don’t allow the homeowners to keep RV’s and campers parked in their driveway for a very long period of time. A self-storage facility offers a secure place, that is completely fenced in to protect them. An owner will have access to their recreational vehicle without the hassle of it blocking their driveway.

If you’re looking for a place to store summer items during the winter months or are looking to declutter your home, self-storage can definitely help.